“Stop wishing you were yourself and start being yourself”

– Jodie Sherwin Hill

It is possible that change usually only occurs or is accepted when:

One – the pain is so great that you are convinced nothing can be worse than it currently is, or,

Two – there is a fantasy that whatever the change is will be better for the people, systems or processes.

Increasing your awareness of self, others, and the social context of the wider community is a first critical step to becoming more adaptable.  Change is easy when you enjoy or perceive it has benefits to you as an individual and conversely, extremely difficult when you perceive it is painful or does not serve you.

Developing the skillsets to be able to bounce back from change, may ensure a smooth transitional process throughout your life.  Utilising models that provide a pathway to change will assist you on this journey of life.

You, as an individual own the opportunity to develop and improve your resilience as you utilise the tools and improve your ability to adapt through the challenges that are presented to you, in your life.

 We at Custodians of Change wish to create a system state that ensures resilience is desirable and you gain the necessary skills required so that you may tap into these, during your lifetime.   

Custodians of Change stands by its core values of Education, Family, and Well-Being.  Our interest is to continuously build skills such as resilience in our staff to ensure that you, as an individual, may lead a fulfilled life. We encourage, with great enthusiasm that as an individual you develop your ability to both challenge and support change with a balanced emotional state, making great decisions for your future.


Jodie Sherwin Hill loves to think strategically about the holistic system and combine this with her enthusiasm to expand human potential.  Through her consistent learning of the great minds, she has a deep awareness that everything is connected. When one is able to view the entire value chain, then it is possible to systemise and be proactive when working with any individual/s or organisation, producing exponential growth. This will have a significant and positive impact on the bottom line.  A great deal of this awareness has come through  her personal experience and challenge of operating and streamlining in silos, whereby every cent counted and, efficiency and effectiveness were critical to business survival.  She is looking for a WIN, WIN, fair exchange scenario, and, absolutely loves her work.  Jodie is inspired by a baseline of educating people and managing emotions wisely to ensure the straightest route towards the vision.


Over the years it has become clear that Zelna’s main inspiration flows from human behavioral aspects, and the way people perceive themselves and others, personally and professionally. 

She is inspired by equipping people with tools and techniques to activate maximal growth within individuals from all ages. 

Her widespread experience and qualifications in business management, psychology, and marketing, has linked her towards successful outcomes in project management, training for sustainability, growth, and quality relationships among all stakeholders are some of my most humbling experiences. 

She has invested time in the property industry, particularly large-scale affordable projects, which also gave her the scope to practice connecting my diverse skillsets, in highly emotional environments. A baseline need for all is that one can have adequate shelter, to take care of their family and therefore I ensured that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) was not just a tick box but, rather a planned initiative, that added value for those we serve daily. 

Zelna is constantly learning whether formally or informally to activate the very best for also the wider context of all the people she am privileged to serve through the platforms that she is a part of. 

“The way you make people feel by teaching them something, in the end, is all that matters.” – Zelna 

MEET Chelsey

Chelsey performs a wide range of tasks for Custodians of Change and our clients. She is reliable, quick to learn and is a valuable member of our team. She began her journey into graphic design and content production by developing content and graphics for a small marketing agency then moved into video editing and social media management.

Chelsey is an efficient, methodical worker and quick to learn anythikng and everything. Sho enjoys being part of a team in a creative environment and loves to ‘organise ‘ things and create systems for ensuring the flow of information and best time management practices for the team.

Her bubbly fun loving personality ensures a good rapport with others and lots of laughter helps relieve the pressure that sometimes arises in a deadline driven environment. She enjoys graphic design and making everything look aesthetically pleasing for our online courses and has a natural curiosity that drives her creative approach to what can sometimes be described as mundane topics.

Custodians of Change assists with developing online courses for businesses to drive change and equip employees to own and be more accountable.

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