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An organisation (small or large) is generally aiming to use a management consultant to assist in problem-solving and creating resultant value in one or many of the areas of the integrated framework, interlinked with the PEOPLE they employ (one or many) to deliver the product or service.

Know and Raise your PEOPLE Score

In the modern business environment, your people are your most valuable asset. The question is… How well do you know your people? How do you measure their productivity, engagement, authenticity, fit in your company, relationships and referrals, or growth potential? Here at Custodians of Change, we have developed an innovative tool, the People Score. 

Productivity – Priority Score
Engagement – Connected Score
Openness – Authenticity Score
Place – Right Seat Score
Leverage – Referral and Relationship Score
Elevate – Retain and Growth Score


Executive & Management Coaching & Group Workshops

What business tools work practically in the field? Trialed and tested various models to ensure business owners and leads can embrace challenges and positively impact the bottom line.

Self-work to create Teamwork

What Leadership really means and how to get followers to stay on board
Collect your own data and learn to link qualitative to quantitative results and profits. Looking at micro to macro environments using effective systems thinking (cause/effect relationships)
Utilising the alignment and agility of TIPS (technology, innovation, people, systems)
Linking TIPS to Profitability
Sustaining own high performance and being a catalyst, lead, and custodian for others.
Adapting to change, new norms (especially thriving out of COVID-19), and having the foresight to ensure you stay on mission.



People and Leadership Activator Coach and Management Consultant

With a diverse range of academic backgrounds and professional experiences in numerous industries and organisations, Jodie has developed a unique approach to achieving rapid and substantial change and expansion. It is a privilege to impart this knowledge to others via workshops, consulting, keynote addresses, or one-on-one mentoring, thereby motivating and enabling them to achieve their utmost capabilities.

15+ Years Of Experiences

20+ Organisations Coached

Jodie Sherwin Hill


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Dissolve Charges

Emotional charges will hold you back and keep you stuck in a revolution. The Demartini Method dissolves the charges you have into love and gratitude allowing your to see everything is on the way, which enables an evolution.

John Doe

REV your Goals

The key to achieving goals within 50% of the planned time, is to actually Reverse Engineer Vision them. A process of working your way from fantasy and grounding it into reality of the NOW step.

John Doe

Step into Fear

Maybe you have a fear of speaking or owning your voice. A fear that you are not clever enough, stutter too much. Step into your next level world and own your voice.

John Doe

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